The PolyMath Development Group

Where Network Systems Engineering meets Science

PolyMath is the umbrella project for all of CECM's investigations into providing sophisticated, network-based, environments for working in the mathematical sciences. These investigations are cutting-edge probes into the future of digital information and networking and into the future of how we do science on a Provincial, Federal and Global level. The PolyMath Development Group is studying the latest technologies, from emerging ultrafast networks to Sun Microsystem's Java language and sophisticated network communication systems like CORBA. We do this as a team inside one of the world's top mathematical research groups and the technology we are developing is designed to serve the very special needs of science education and research. Those technologies range from the academic to industrial-grade, and from the classroom to space. The components of PolyMath are as follows:

PolyMath is headed by Steve Braham. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Direct links to resources and demonstrations are below.


We have various meetings for the various groups working in PolyMath. These are usually invitation only. Please contact the Director if you want to come.

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We maintain news groups for discussion of policy and projects:

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